My Breast Augmentation Experience: Recovery (Post-op Days 1 & 2)


I cannot believe how far my body has come since by breast augmentation. During my recovery process, body went through many changes. Post-op days 1 & 2 were some of the most dramatic days I experienced after my surgery.

On day 1 of my recovery, I wasn’t allowed to shower. There is something about going under the knife that just makes you want to shower THAT much more. I was so happy to finally be able to shower on day 2, although it was quite difficult to move my arms! My incision was through the armpit, and it was several weeks before I could finally lift my arms above my head!

I also had to deal with uneven breasts. One breast decided to swell up way more than the other. Thank God, they are perfectly even now! In addition to lop-sided breasts, I had nipples so pointy I could use them as weapons, and a stomach so swollen that I looked like a pancake!

Breast augmentation is such a personal thing, and reliving what my body went through during my recovery by watchting this video sort of makes me cringe! However, I know how valuable watching others’ breast augmentation experiences was to me when I was going through it. It helped me validate that what I was experiencing was normal. Therefore, I decided to post this even though it makes me feel a little self-concious!

I hope you enjoy this video of my recovery!