Beginner Back Biceps Gym Workout Routine


Beginner Back Biceps Gym Workout Routine

This beginner back biceps gym workout routine is long overdue for a post here!  Going to the gym wasn't always comfortable to me.  Before becoming a regular gym goer, I remember walking into the gym feeling nervous, intimidated, and confused.  I didn't know where to start or how to know what exercises to perform on any given day.  In addition, I felt like everyone was watching me and could tell that I had no clue what I was doing!  Despite these feelings, I stuck with it and now feel comfortable walking in to any gym, even if it is not my home gym.

Importance of a Routine

Through this process,  I realized how critical it is to have a game plan for each workout.  Having a plan sets me up for success.  I walk into the gym knowing which exercises I want to tackle for that session.  I warm up in an area with a clear view of the gym, and visually map out where the weights and equipment are that I need.  Doing this allows me to go into my workout routine without feeling lost!  Having a routine to follow also keeps me on track by ensuring that I workout each body part.  Because of the success I experience from having a workout routine to follow, I want to share my beginner workout routines with you.  This back biceps gym workout routine is a great place to start!

You Can Do This!

If you are just starting your fitness journey or are building up the courage to start you are not alone.  Everyone you see in the gym has been in your exact shoes.  Furthermore, there are people in the gym that are in your exact shoes now.  Instead of feeling confident, they feel intimidated, confused, and insecure.  Remember that we are all there for one common goal, which is to become the best version of ourselves!  Finally, I hope this back biceps gym workout routine inspires you to take that next step while equiping you with a plan to succeed.  Know that I am rooting for you all the way from Honolulu, Hi!  So, no excuses, let's do this!