Beginner Home Workout Series| Legs & Glutes | No Excuse Girl


Hello everyone!  I hope you are having a wonderful 2016 so far.  With so many of you just starting your fitness journey for the first time, I couldn't think of a better series to do than a beginner home workout series.  On top of that, I thought why not start it off with my two favorite body parts to work:  the legs and the glutes. I understand how intimidating it can be to go to a gym when you are just starting to workout, trust me I've been there!  Nothing is worse than trying to figure out how to use all of the equipment, how to perform the exercises, which exercises to even perform, all while feeling like you're being stared at by the seasoned gym go-ers.  The exercises I'll be using in my beginner series are all exercises that can performed in the comfort of your own home, but will also set you up with all of the core movements that you can incorporate into your gym routine when you are ready!

If this is too beginner for you, have no fear!  I will be posting many more advanced workouts for you to enjoy.  Comment below if there is anything in particular you wish to see!

Beginner Home Workout Series:  Legs and Glutes

For this beginner home workout, I will be performing the legs and glutes exercises without weights and will be using very minimal equipment.  All you will need is a couch or ottoman, a chair, and a broomstick, so basically things that you probably already have at home!  Many of these exercises are the same moves that I perform with weights at the gym.  By using simple tools you have at home for support, you will be able to quickly build the strength you need to eventually perform these exercises with weights!

If you have any questions on this beginner home workout or if there is something you would like to see in my future beginner home workouts, please feel free to comment below, or visit my contact page to send me an email!