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I love cheese souffle! Furthermore, I love cheese with anything and everything. There is noting like the savory, flavorful goodness that comes with a warm cheesy dish. Most of all, there is just that little extra something special that makes my mouth water every time I lay eyes on a cheese souffle.

My Inspiration for my keto friendly cheese souffle

I recently saw an old episodes of The French Chef with Julia Child. She makes the most beautiful cheese souffle I have ever seen. I remember watching Julia Child as a little girl and being drawn in by her natural charm, charisma, and delicious recipe creations. Seeing her cook still inspires me to this day. Consequently, seeing her cheese souffle recipe...well I just had to have one!

Keto is challenging!

Unfortunately and fortunately with the ketogenic diet, long gone are the days of eating a floury cheese souffle for me. But, this is also one of the most enjoyable aspects of the ketogenic diet.  One can find a favorite recipe and turn it into a ketogenic recipe! If you wish to turn on the creative side of your brain, I recommend the ketogenic diet! A girl (or guy for that matter) can definitely find challenge in figuring out how to make a cheese souffle without white four! As a result of challenging myself, I ended up with an amazing cheese souffle recipe fit for a ketogenic diet. It may not rise as much as a cheese souffle recipe made from white flour, but it is rich, cheesy, savory, and absolutely delicious. One can't go wrong with cheese after all!

Cheese Souffle Recipe for a Ketogenic Diet

cheese souffle photo

Included below is a printable download of the cheese souffle recipe. In addition to the ingredients listed in the recipe, I recommend for this recipe that you have a good souffle mold. I bought a set of four recently at Costco for around twenty bucks! A good hand blender will also help you with this cheese souffle recipe! I also use a sheet of aluminum to wrap around the mold to prevent spillage if the cheese souffle rises too high. I don't think it is too much of a problem since we omit the white flour. But, better safe than sorry!

I hope you all enjoy my recipe. It will serve you well if you are on a ketogenic diet or even if you are on a low carb, high fat diet! It is diabetic friendly too!


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