My Coming Out As A Closet Trump Supporter


I am coming out of the closet!  As a Trump supporter.  I have been very reluctant to post anything opinionated regarding the election other than funny memes and jokes (or insults to my true friends that get my humor, can dish it out and take it).  My reluctance stems from a fear of being categorized as a racist, bigot, homophobe, misogynist, etc. for being a Trump supporter.  I have continuously seen friends on my social media feeds lump all Trump supporters into these categories, so I keep my opinion to myself because I genuinely don’t want them to think those horrible things of me.   In my heart of hearts, I am none of those things.  I reflected on my feelings and fears today and realized how fucked up this is and that I really shouldn’t feel the need to reserve my opinions. I helped my mom run a business in the south and we were referred to as “The Chinese Store” by a good number of our customers.  I was too white for many of the small minority of Asians in our community, too Asian for many of the non-Asians (whites, blacks, Hispanics), and have even been in a fist fight because of racist comments towards me.  As a mixed-girl (half Asian, half American) that grew up in the south, as the minority of all minorities, I feel I have seen and experienced real racism.  It was hard.  But looking back I cherish these experiences, because they made me who I am.  Because racism exists and no politician will change the way racist people feel.  But through it all, I can still vouch that the MAJORITY of people from the race groups I have referred to are good people.  So it really stings when I see my friends/acquaintances, lump ALL Trump supporters, including me, into these categories.  Did any of you that called me these things bother to ask me why I voted for Trump?  What issues were my priorities?  Maybe my voting priorities are different than yours (99% of the time they are).  Are you okay with that, or should I only be voting on your priorities?

My personal opinion is that Hillary’s policies have hurt minorities more than they’ve helped, and have kept the majority of minorities dependent on the government and on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale.  My opinion is that Hillary is a racist.  However, this doesn’t mean that I think you are a racist if you voted for Hillary, I think quite the opposite.  I truly believe that most of my friends that voted for Hillary love minorities! I will not assume otherwise until proven so.   I don’t think Trump’s proposed policy to tackle ILLEGAL immigration is racist.  That is my opinion.  You are free to disagree.

As a minority, I try not to ask for special privileges (although I have many privileges handed to me, such as the privilege of being raised in America). I don’t want to be the one that “made it” because of special treatment or a handout.  I want to be able to say my success was because of my own hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.

As a woman, I often ask myself if I really even want 100% equal rights.  Crazy, I know!  But hear me out. Do I want to sign up for the draft?  Do I want men to speak to me in the same way they speak to their guy friends? Many of my liberal female friends that are the biggest advocates of equal rights get SUPER offended when they are spoken to in that fashion.  I have seen this all across the board with acquaintances, peers, and business colleagues.  Do I want to compete with the guys in sports?  I would genetically be at a disadvantage.  I make more money than the average male in the United States.  Do I really feel that I am not getting equal pay because I am a female?  I would feel spoiled and stupid just trying to make that case.  Hillary, who makes more money than me and almost every man in the country, tries to make this case.  I think that is sexist and unfair to men!  Bottom line is that I want to vote for a GREAT presidential female candidate that holds my same values.  I don’t hold the same values as Hillary Clinton.  Does this make me a bad person?  Am I racist?  Sexist?  A bigot?

Also, just want to throw this out there, that I rarely vote on social issues.  I actually “lean left” on most social issues.  I vote primarily on fiscal and security issues, so I chose the businessman over the career politician.  I chose the candidate that supports our military over the candidate that can’t even keep classified information on the correct email server.  We may disagree on if this is the right choice.  I can respect that.  Even if you have called me a racist, bigot, sexist, etc, I forgive you.  I have said things to my liberal friends that were completely out of line.  I have made the most terrible mistakes so who am I to not forgive you.  But why not have a cup of coffee with me and tell me why you feel that way about me?  Instead of insulting me, give me a chance, get to know me.  We may be more similar than you think.  This is my ask of you.  I hope you will ask the same of me!

Yours truly,

Esther Kim