Getting Into Ketosis | Days 1 through 4

Getting Into Ketosis

I am so excited to be getting into ketosis again!  If you have been following my YouTube channel, you know by now that I have been off a ketogenic diet for a couple of weeks.  While being off of a ketogenic diet, I ordered a blood ketone monitor, the Precision Xtra, and waited for it to arrive.  I  wanted to test my blood ketones out of ketosis, with the plan of documenting it.  On top of this, I want to document the entire process of getting back into ketosis.  I want to document how I feel, the keto flu (yuck!), my ketone levels, my weight, etc.

In addition, I want to test various food groups and how they affect my ketone levels.  It appears there is a lot of "bro science" out there of how said food groups impact ketosis.  Food groups that seem to be controversial in the ketogenic world.  In particular, food groups like dairy, nuts, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and fruits.  Are these foods ketogenic or not?  Or does it depend on the amount of these foods?  I want to know!

Last Day Off A Ketogenic Diet

My last day OFF a ketogenic diet was Sunday,  March 19th, 2017.  Also it was a day where I was already looking forward to going back into ketosis.  I had spent the past couple of weeks stuffing my face with the crappiest of foods.  I wanted to go extreme with the most "non-keto" diet possible!  What a great excuse, right?  Pizza, donuts, crepes, sushi, ice cream, nachos, and dim sum.  So, I really went for it to say the least!

Because of my gluttonous indulgence, by my last day, I was feeling tired, lethargic, and like complete crap.  It seemed like my energy had reached an all-time low.  I was missing the high energy and mental clarity that only those that have been in ketosis recognize.  Perhaps ketosis is the way we were truly meant to live all along?

Results on my last day off a ketogenic diet:

  • Blood glucose levels:  107 mg/dl
  • Blood ketone levels:  0.1 mmol/L

Getting Into Ketosis, Day 1

Day 1 of getting back into ketosis went well.  I had no strange keto flu symptoms and the meals were relatively easy to cook for myself.  Therefore I do not have much to say for day 1!  I weighed myself in the morning, which I always like to do.  My morning weight is my lightest weight.  On top of this, I haven't had any food that can bloat my stomach or retain water.  Hence, I weigh myself before I've had any food, water, or activity.

Results day 1:

  • Weight:  128.6 lbs
  • Bodyfat:  18.7%
  • Measurements
    • Bust:  33.5"
    • Waist:  26"
    • Hips:  36.5"
  • Blood glucose levels:  91 mg/dl
  • Blood ketone levels:  0.2 mmol/L

Getting Into Ketosis, Day 2

Day 2 of getting into ketosis was a little more of a struggle.  In addition to getting into ketosis, I also took it upon myself to give up caffeine.  I'm already starting to question my sanity at the time I made this decision.  Can I really give up caffeine?  I have failed many times before!

Getting Into Ketosis, Day 3

I feel sick by day 3 of getting into ketosis.  On top of giving up caffeine, and entering the keto flu, there is a lot of vog in the air.  Those of you that live in Hawaii feel my pain!  Vog is volcano ash that gets in the air and makes one's life a complete nightmare if allergic.  I am one of those people that gets extremely affected by vog.  As a result I'm rewarded with a pounding headache, sore throat, runny nose.  Add that to another pounding headache from caffeine withdrawals and the zombie-like effect on my energy from the keto flu.  Needless to say, I was a hot mess on day 3!

Getting Into Ketosis, Day 4

Give me some coffee!  I wake up feeling depressed.  Depressed from my headache and lack of caffeine.  The last thing I want is to go to work but somehow find it from deep within to get out of bed and get going.  I get to work and go to the break room to get a cup of water.  The beautiful aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee fills the air.  I literally want to cry and wish at that very moment that I was a 3 year old so that I could throw a screaming tantrum.  Holding back tears, I go back to my desk, and drink my boring cup of water.

I hold on to the hope that I've gotten through the keto flu once, and will do it again.  There is light at the end of the tunnel!  The keto flu is hell, but being in ketosis makes me feel like a superhuman goddess. Getting into ketosis is not easy, but it's worth it.  So worth it!

Progress Photos (Day 1)

In conclusion, below are some photos I took on day 1.  Just realized that I completely forgot to mark a spot on the floor so that I take the photos from the same spot.  I will do better next time!

I will try to update my photos weekly.  Finally, if you have suggestions on how to make this "science experiment" better, please let me know if the comments below.  Or, message me on twitter @noexcusegirl.

getting into ketosis

getting into ketosisgetting into ketosis