I am in Ketosis! | Quick Update | Days 5-13

It's official, I am in ketosis!  I am so happy to finally be back in.  It's amazing the difference I feel in my energy, focus, and overall mood! I apologize that I don't have a lot of time to go in depth.  It is late and I have a meeting tomorrow morning as well as a pageant that I'm judging.  By the way, I have no clue how to judge pageants.  I was asked to do it so I'm just going to wing it!

So this is going to be a very brief overview of what my days were like.  Also, just want to note that work really got in the way of me documenting details.  I will make an effort to do better from here on out!

I'm in ketosis

Results day 7 (March 26th):

Feeling good with sleep cycle but not 100% yet.  More level energy and able to focus all day.  Started Nuva Ring in the morning at 10:14 am.  This was a switch to my usual birth control, Viorele, which I have been on for a few years.

  • Weight:  123.8 lbs (this is a 5 lb difference from the previous week!)
  • Bodyfat:  17.5%
  • Measurements
    • Bust:  32.5"
    • Waist:  26"
    • Hips:  36.5"
  • Blood glucose levels:  73 mg/dl
  • Blood ketone levels:  3.6 mmol/L  (A great amount but slightly too high to be in ketosis.  My assumption is that my body is doing a good job producing ketones but is not using them efficiently quite yet.



Getting Into Ketosis Day 8 (March 27th):

Still have a lingering feeling of sluggishness.  Could it be because my body is adjusting to the Nuva Ring?  I am also still experiencing coffee cravings.

My husband and I celebrated out 7th Anniversary tonight!  We went to Ruth's Chris to celebrate and I had the ribeye steak along with brussel sprouts that they seasoned only with salt and pepper (per my special request of course).

I am in Ketosis! (March 29th):

Omigod I am finally in ketosis!  I still don't feel 100% keto-adapted but overall am feeling pretty good.  Energy levels are sustained throughout the day and I had a very easy time focusing at work today.  I did start to feel a little sleepy at around 4:30 pm.  I really do think my body is still adjusting to my birth control.

W:  123.6

BG:  78 mg/dl

BK:  2.1 mmol/L

I am in Ketosis! (March 30th):

Today I am feeling really amazing.  High energy and mental clarity.  This is what ketosis is supposed to feel like!

Nothing exciting or significant happened through the next couple of days.  I will have some updates on my measurements and progress photos within the next couple of days.  Until then, enjoy your day!