Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer Review - The Beginning of My Journey


I feel like a new person.  In the last three months, I made many adjustments to my life including eating on a scheduled meal plan Monday  through Friday, cutting out caffeine, and going to bed early.  I have woken up at  5:30 AM on a Sunday without an alarm for the first time since I can remember in my 30 years of life (a true miracle to anyone that knows me well).  I started working out at home around 4 times a week, using whatever weights and equipment I have.  This all happened after leaving my career as a technical recruiter to go back to my previous position in marketing sales.  Prior to recruiting, I was into working out and have generally been a healthy person, but during my recruiting career I found myself eating terrible foods during happy hours and luncheons and working all hours of the night.  When I returned to my old company, I decided to make my health a priority.  I've never felt as healthy as I do now!!                Here is a photo of my current state.  I will try and learn how to take better ones.  I plan on posting them every now and then to help me track my progress.


I started going back to the gym a week and a half ago, and have decided to kick it up a notch and see what gains I can make this year!  Through these last 3 months I have discovered that I work best on a schedule and therefore decided to look for a plan to follow.  I had already been playing around with Jamie Eason's Livefit program on Bodybuilder.com (it's free and can be found here:  Livefit Program), improvising on some of the exercises with the limited equipment I have at home.  Now that I am back at the gym, I decided I'm going to take this program on full force!  I'm very excited and anxious to see what the end result will be (on a side note:  I am not an affiliate or endorser of this program).  I have always been into fitness and started lifting weights when I met my husband, but never really followed a weight lifting plan all the way through, and was never consistent with working out and eating healthy simultaneously.  I feel ready and willing to take this on, and am excited to share my results on this blog!

Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12-week trainer

Overview of Jamie Eason's Livefit Trainer

For the next 12 weeks I will be following Jamie Eason's livefit program.  The program consists of three phases.

Phase 1 starts with weight training and clean eating.  The great news is that there is NO CARDIO allowed, which makes me very happy since I HATE CARDIO!   You can learn more about the details of phase 1 here... Jamie Eason LiveFit-Phase 1, but to summarize, I have listed the main components below:

1.  I will be eating every 2-3 hours for a total of 5-6 meals/day, following the guide Jamie provided.  It consists of lots of protein, vegetables, and healthy starches.  No carbs are allowed after 7 pm, and I am allowed 2 fruits per day.  Below is a sample meal plan that Jamie has provided:

Sample Meal Plan - Jamie Eason LiveFit - Breakfast and Mid-morningJamie Eason LIvefit Meal Plan - Lunch and mid-afternoonJamie Eason LiveFit Sample Meal Plan - Lunch and Evening

-I am incorporating one cheat day every Saturday.  As of now I use the whole weekend to cheat.  I know I need to cut this down, but am not ready to realistically give the whole thing up.  I will utilize my two cheat meals on Saturday for now, and will re-evaluate cutting this down even more as this program takes its course.

2.  I will be following the daily recommended exercises, doing  3 sets and 12 reps of each exercise.  The first two weeks are composed of 4 days of training and increase to 5 days for weeks 3 and 4.

3.  I will be supplementing with protein powder, a daily multi-vitamin, fish oil, and glutamine.  She also recommends branched chain amino acids, but I have decided to leave this out to save money (I get plenty of aminos from my protein powder).  Since I have been supplementing with magnesium and it has helped with muscle cramps, I have decided to continue this as well.

Phase 2 focuses on muscle building with the addition of cardio.  I will give a thorough overview later, but for more details you can go here:  Phase 2 - Jamie Eason Livefit.

Phase 3 focuses heavily on fat burning and can be found here:  Phase 3 - Jamie Eason LIveFit.  It introduces carb cycling toward to end of the program.

I have already started day 1 today!  Here is an overview of week 1:

Week 1 - Jamie Eason's LiveFit

I plan on posting at least once per week to update my progress on this program.  In the meantime, please comment below if you have any questions or comments.  The best way to learn is through other's experiences, so I welcome your questions, comments, and advice!

Now off to the gym I go!  Until next time.....