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I'm so excited to share my Jamie Eason Livefit Review now that I have now completed Phase 3 of the Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer Series!  (Sorry for the late post, it has actually been a few weeks since I finished, but I had guests and alot going on so just could not find time to get this review up.) It feels so good to have followed an entire lifting series from beginning to end, and I have learned so much through the process.  If you are wanting to start weight training but are not sure where to start, I highly recommend this 3 month program.  It has helped me to brush up on a lot of the basics of weight lifting and clean eating and, most importantly, has provided consistency with my diet and weight training.  I now eat on a schedule Monday through Friday (still cheat on the weekends) and work out 6 days a week on a consistent basis.  Keep reading my Jamie Eason Livefit Review to hear more about Phase 3.  You can also visit my Jamie Eason Livefit review on Phase 1 and Phase 2 to learn more about my journey through the entire trainer series.  

Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer - Before and After Photo - End of Phase 1

Jamie Eason Livefit Phase 3 - Before and After Photo












Jamie Eason Livefit Review : Phase 3 Workouts

The phase 3 workouts can really be broken down into 2 sections, each 2 weeks long.  The first 2 weeks incorporate higher reps and lower weights than what phase 2 had me doing.  Sprints were also incorporated into the workouts for 4 days out of the week, for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 30 minutes.  These were absolutely killer!  I could literally feel the fat melting off of my body as I performed these sprints!

Each day  of the first two weeks of phase 3 incorporated supersets and active rests.  If you don't know what these terms mean, a superset is where you perform a set of one exercise and then immediately perform the next exercise before taking a break.

  • Example:  one of my supersets was Leg Presses followed by Jump Squats.  I would perform the Leg Presses, and then immediately perform the Jump Squats.  Once the Jump Squats were complete I would then take my 1 minute rest before performing another round.

An active rest is where you replace your 1 minute rest with something active.

  •  Example:  let's say I want to do barbell squats with 1 minute of active rest jump roping.  I would perform my squats, then immediately pick up the jump rope and perform 1 minute of jump roping.  I would then immediately go into another set of squats, so you get no rest until all of the sets are completed.

The second two weeks of phase 3 was a series of circuit training.  This is where you are given around 5-6 exercises that you perform back to back, with no rest.  Only when you finish the last exercise are you allowed to rest for around 3-5 minutes, then you repeat the circuit a few more times.  Because this is more intense, you have to lower the weights.  I found myself really missing the heavy lifting from phase 2, and couldn't wait to finish Phase 3 so that I could incorporate heavy lifting again.  The circuits were hard but just didn't give me the adrenaline and excitement that lifting heavy gives me!  It was a great experience but I'm glad phase 3 is over!  You also have to do cardio for 4 days per week for 30-40 minutes at medium intensity.  I chose the stairmaster and I recommend you try it if you haven't done so.  You will feel like you're dying on that thing.....I call it the death machine!  As you can tell I have a love hate relationship with the stairmaster, but everyone I know that lifts swears by it!

Jamie Eason Livefit Review: Phase 3 Nutrition

The first week of Phase 3 was a continuation of the diet from Phase 2.  Week 2 was where carb cycling began.  Carb cycling is when you have a set number of low carb days cycled with a set number of high carb days.  For this program, you do three low-carb days followed by one high-carb day, and then keep repeating this cycle until the very end of the program.  You are also given a formula to calculate how many macros (Proteins, Carbs, and Fats) you should eat on your low-carb vs high-carb days, along with how many calories you should eat.  This is where it gets a little time consuming and tedious, because you pretty much have to calculate the macros for everything that goes into your body.

I used an app called MyFitnessPal to log my food.  The app allows you to log your meals and even scan barcodes for your foods.  It allow you to calculate and track all of your calories and macronutrients.  Just be careful, because I noticed on a few items, like the brown rice that I eat, that the amounts that MyFitnessPal had logged were different from what was shown on the label.

Jamie Eason Livefit Review :  Phase 3 Results

Below are my progress photos from phase 1 through phase 3.  The results are subtle, but I wasn't expecting anything dramatic in a course of just a few months.  I don't believe in quick results, especially when you are trying to get them the healthy way.  Results take hard work, dedication, and time.  Overall I am pretty happy with what I accomplished through this program.  I am able to lift much heavier than when I started and seen my strength increase on a weekly basis, whether it be through adding more weight or completing more reps.  I plan to now take what I learned and formulate my own routine.  My goal is to incorporate more functional exercises,  keep putting on muscle, and to work on eliminating the fat that is covering my muscles.

Jamie Eason Livefit review Phase 3 - Before and After Photo

Jamie Eason Livefit Review - Before and After Progress Photo (back) Phase 3

Jamie Eason Livefit Review - Phase 3 Progress Photo Livefit Trainer











I hope you enjoyed my Jamie Eason Livefit review!  If you are considering a new gym routine but are unsure where to start, I highly recommend starting with this program!  If you have any questions I did not cover, please feel free to comment below.  I am more than happy to try to answer them for you!

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