3 Healthy Convenience Foods and Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer Weeks 1-2 Review


Happy Friday! So, I've been trying to kick my cough for a couple of weeks, which is lingering from a cold I had in mid-December!  I went to Palama Market, our Korean grocery store here in Honolulu, and picked up some Honey Citron Tea.  I drank a cup on Saturday and again on Sunday and gargled salt water at night.  Call me crazy but my cough is almost gone!  I don't think it qualifies for the food plan I'm on, so I've been refraining from the tea during the week and have been sticking to gargling salt water....... Honey Citron Tea that I bought at the Korean grocery store

Overview of Week 1 and 2

Today marks Day 12 for me for Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer!  Week 1 was kind of a breeze after having pretty intense workouts the week prior.  However,  I am still getting back into the groove of being in a gym, so the intensity of the weights I used was just a tad off here and there.  This week I had a much better gauge of the amount of weights I should be starting each set with, so it's definitely been a lot more challenging. Having said that, I really believe week 1 was put in place to do just that, to figure out where you stand with your strength so that you can better prepare yourself for the weeks to come.  Nonetheless,  I'm a little bummed that I ended week 1 not feeling very sore!  The good news is that I am definitely feeling sore from Week 2! I've been logging my workout on  BodySpace , including the amount of weights and reps I perform on each exercise.  I also have been tracking my body weight, although I'm really not concerned about the number. Workout_Log I started the new diet plan, and I have to admit, this past weekend was a struggle (I'm such a foodie at heart!).  I said in the last post that I will be cutting down to one cheat day instead of two, but I caved on Sunday.  Half of Saturday I ate pretty clean because I wasn't craving the  bad stuff.  So if I were to add it all up, I would say I had a cheat day and a half.  Not bad but I have to do better this week!   Take a look at the delicious lunch I had on Saturday.  It's called Soondubu Jjigae, a spicy Korean tofu soup.  I ate it at Palama Market while picking up my my tea and some groceries:

Soondubu Jjigae 순두부찌개.

3 Healthy Convenience Foods To Keep in Your Fridge

I learned a thing or two this week to help me along in the meal plan process.  I work an 8-5 job, so there are days when I really struggled with making time to prepare my meals.  I came up with a few convenience items that I plan on keeping in my fridge for weeks to come.....

1.  Convenience Vegetable:  Kimchi

This has been a lifesaver for me this week!  It takes time to cut up and cook vegetables, so when I don't have that time, I just bring a couple of cups of kimchee to work.  It's already prepared, super healthy, and tastes absolutely delicious! 

Kimchi (김치)

2.  Convenience Protein:  Boiled Eggs

If you don't have time to cook your protein or just run out of what you've already cooked, just boil some eggs.  I usually do this as I'm getting ready in the morning.  I like to boil them for around 7 minutes.  I just set a kitchen timer and I don't have to tend to them at all!

Boiled Egg

3.  Convenience Starch : Microwaveable Brown Rice

I get this at the Korean Grocery store.  If you don't have time to cook sweet potatoes (my favorite starch), just grab a couple of these microwaveable rice containers and you're set for the day!

Microwaveable Brown Rice

So this sums up Weeks 1 and 2.  I will try and post an updated progress photo tomorrow!  Please comment below if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.  Have a Happy Weekend!   :) ~Esse~