How To Know If I'm In Ketosis? My Upcoming Keto Experiment


How To Know If I'm In Ketosis

I am reaching my one year mark of experimenting with a ketogenic diet.  Often, people ask me, "how do I know if I'm in ketosis?"  With a little research and experience, it is easy to identify which tools can be used to track your ketosis.  Futhermore, there are signs your body gives you to let you know you're in ketosis.  This blog discusses which tools to use to test if you are in ketosis.  On top of this, I discuss signs to look for to know if you're in ketosis.

Tools that help me know if I'm in Ketosis

    1.  Blood Ketone Monitor

      The most accurate way to test if you are in ketosis is the blood ketone monitor.  This monitor measures a type of ketone in the blood called beta-hydroxy-buturate.  To test your blood ketone levels using a monitor, you first prick your finger with a lancet.  Then, you drop your blood on a ketone strip.  After this your insert the ketone strip into the monitor, which gives you a reading of the ketone levels in your blood.  The most accurate monitor on the market is the Precision Xtra.  Because this brand is cornering the market with a patent, the ketone strips are very pricey.  This method is the most expensive way to test for ketosis, but also the best method.

    1. Ketone Breath Meter

      The ketone breath meter detects levels of ketonesin your breath.  These ketones are know as acetones.  It is the second most accurate way to measure ketones out of the three options we discuss.  It is also slightly less expensive than the ketone monitor.  This is especially true when the cost of buying ketone strips is added into the equation.  The biggest advantage is that you can use it multiple times during the day without the extra cost of ketone strips!

    1. Ketostix

      Ketostix are sticks that you urinate on.  The ketostix detect the amount of ketone levels in your urine.  The sticks show the results by changing colors.  This is a very cost effective way to test for ketones, but is also the least accurate of the three methods discussed here.  However, if you do not want to fork out the money for the ketone blood test or ketone breath meter, this is an economical choice.  It gives a better idea on whether or not you are on the right track!

Signs to help me know if I'm in ketosis and my upcoming ketosis experiment

Below is my video in which I discuss the testing tools listed above.  More importantly, for those of you wishing to save your money, I also discuss what signs I look for the help me know if I'm in ketosis.  It is good to know these signs regardless of if you use the testing tools or not!  There is a night and day difference in the way my body feels when I am in ketosis.

I am also working on a ketone testing experiment that I am really excited about.  I think it will really help those of you who are starting your keto journey, as well as those that have already started but question if certain foods are keeping you in ketosis or knocking you out.  Watch my video to find out more!  Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive notifications as I publish new videos in this series!