Legs and Glutes Workout | A Few Weeks in Ketosis | No Excuse Girl


Hello everyone, I hope you're having a happy hump day!  I just wanted to share this legs and glutes workout with you as well as share my plans on going into ketosis for around 4-5 weeks.  I put this leg and glutes workout together completely on a whim one night.  I happened to have a few friends join me at the gym unexpectedly to workout with me.  I had planned on lifting heavy that day with my workout partner, but since a couple of extra people joined I didn't want us to rest too long in between sets.  I incorporated supersets into the workout and ended up with a KILLER leg and glutes demolisher.  I'm not even kidding, I was SO sore the next day, especially my glutes!  It always makes me happy when I can fire off the glutes like this!  You can watch it in my video below, let me know if you try it.  I also give you a quick tour of fridge so that you can see what foods I eat to support my training. Speaking of food, my diet has changed pretty drastically within the last couple of days.  Today is day 2 of being on a ketogenic diet.  It is not something I plan to do long-term.  My purpose of going on the ketogenic diet is to burn fat (I would like to drop a few percentages in body fat composition) in preparation for a photo shoot I have coming up first week of April.  Like with any diet I approach, I am also curious to see how it effects my day to day energy levels, strength, and stamina.  My interest in this diet was peaked recently from a podcast I listened to on The Tim Ferris Show titled, "Dom D’Agostino on Fasting, Ketosis, and the End of Cancer", as well as a post I read on Zuzka Light's blog where she had experimented with the ketogenic diet.  I had also been reading through Dr. Peter Attia's website a few months ago and have found his experiences with the ketogenic diet very interesting.

I have always been the type of person that does better on a routine, whether it be diet, workouts, or my work-life.  I have experimented with many macro ratios including high-carb low-fat, high-protein low-carb, and carb cycling.  From my experience, my body responds best to a high protein, low carb diet, but I do adjust my macro ratio every now and then depending on my goals.

While on the ketogenic diet, my macros will be at 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs.  I have never consumed such a high ratio of fats, I cannot wait to see how my body responds!  I will be using ketone strips to monitor my ketone levels.  I will post some more about this diet as well as my experience with it in a future post, I just wanted to get this quick update out before I get some shut eye.  Good night everyone!  Enjoy this workout....