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Happy 2016 everyone!  I cannot believe we are starting another year already.  Where did 2015 go?  Did you set your resolutions for 2016?  I am not big on New Year resolutions, I find that I am still in holiday mode until a couple of days after the 1st.  I instead like to set obtainable goals or just "things to work on" for the year, this way I am setting myself up for success.  One of my ongoing goals is to limit my coffee intake throughout the day.  Now, don't get it twisted, I am not saying coffee is bad for everyone and that you shouldn't drink coffee.  However, I feel much healthier when I limit my caffeine intake to around a cup a day.  The problem is, I love coffee like a workout bro loves arm day.  Before I know it I'll often find myself in the break room inhaling another 2-3 cups and snorting its grinds (just kidding).  When I was contacted to try Millie's Vegetable Sipping Broth, I initially did not associate sipping broth out of a cup during the day as if it were coffee or tea.  Now that I've tried it, there really is nothing weird about it.

My Review of Millie's Vegetable Sipping Broth

Millie's Vegetable Sipping Broth

Millie's Vegetable Sipping Broth was inspired by a school teacher wanting a snack that is quick, healthy and convenient that she could easily have in between her classes.  The sipping broth comes packaged in individual tea bags, so you just put one tea bag into a cup of hot water, stir, and sip just as you would a cup of tea or coffee.  The price is similar to what you would pay for a nice packet of tea.  I like how quick and convenient it is.  I can have a cup of broth made in just a few minutes.  I've been carrying the little packets around in my purse, and can just pull one out whenever I need a quick snack.  I've tried three flavors:  Curry Spice, Spicy Tortilla, and Tomato Basil.  These things taste really good!  The flavors are distinct, but not distinct.  This isn't a bad thing, because it provides enough consistency to make all of them taste good yet different enough to not get bored.

One thing I really like about Millie's Vegetable Sipping Broth is that it is very low in calorie and is gluten free.  It is definitely not any kind of meal replacement.  It is snack that will hold you over when you're feeling hungry.  Each tea bag is around 15-20 calories.  Obviously from the name the broth is made of vegetables, but I was also pleasantly surprised when I read the label and found that most of the broths also contain green tea.  This is great because you get the added benefits of the antioxidants that green tea provides.

You should take note that it does contain 260 mg of sodium, so this could be a negative if you're trying to watch your sodium intake.  The sodium is actually a plus for me, because I am typically on a very low-carb diet which requires a higher than normal sodium intake in order to balance out my electrolytes.  However, for those on a low sodium diet, this is something to take note of.  Just like with any food item, you want to make sure it fits within your own nutrition plan and dietary needs.

My overall opinion of Millie's Vegetable Sipping Broth is that it is a very tasty and savory snack that you can enjoy during work to hold you over in between meals.  It has a pleasant flavor and is a nice drink that you can sip on in the same way you would coffee or tea.  I will not be giving up coffee or tea any time soon, but it's wonderful that I now have another option to add to the mix and that will help me reduce my caffeine intake.  So what other weird but not weird things are in our future?  Maybe I'll start sipping clam chowder out of my Camelback on my future hiking trips?

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Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Esther, aka No Excuse Girl