Konmari Method | Top 5 Benefits | Minimalist Living


Konmari Method |Top 5 Benefits | Minimalist Living

My journey towards minimalist living started with a book titled, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.  After reading this book, and using her famous konmari method,  my entire living space became decluttered and organized.  Before, I would walk into a condo that gives me anxiety from so much clutter and mess.  After going through the konmari method, I walk into my condo feeling calm and peaceful.

Top 5 Benefits of the konmari method:

1.  I have developed a greater sense of my personal taste

As a result of the konmari method, my sense of taste is much greater.  I am more aware of my likes and dislikes.  When I am deciding to make a purchase, I now put a lot of thought into the item.  I am able to quickly determine if this is an item I really want and need, or if it is something that I probably won't use.  The result is no more impulse buying!  Before my wardrobe was a confusion of my own style and what others thought my style to be.  After using the konmari method my wardrobe is a reflection on my own personal taste. Eliminating gifts and other clothing I  held on to but would never wear was critical in developing my own personal style!

2.  Everything in my home has it's own spot

Before using the konmari method, I was having a very difficult time storing items in my condo.  My guest room floor was so covered with items, I could not even walk from one side to the other.  My closet was so stuffed with clothes that I had no choice but to store the rest on my clothes on the floor! I eliminated bags upon bags of my things after using the konmari method.  I cannot believe how many items were just taking up space and never getting use!  Now every item in my condo has it's own spot, is accessible and easily stored away.

3.  I have an easier time getting rid of things I don't need

I am addicted to getting rid of things after using the konmari method!  This is because I have finally experienced the freedom of letting go of items that were taking up space and creating clutter.  I would keep many things out of  fear of hurting someone's feelings if I got rid of them.  In the end, all of these things resulted in added stress.  Learning to let go got me over my fears.  Repetition of the process of getting rid of things makes it easier over time.  Letting go has become a healthy habit that I find to be quite liberating.

4.  My space is easy to keep clean

Using the konmari method results in a living space that is much easier to keep clean.  Because I now have fewer things, I also have fewer opportunities to create messes.  Also, because everything has it's own spot, I can easily put an item back where it belongs when I'm finished using it.  This results in a clean living space, 24-7.

5.  I look forward to coming home!

Now that my home is clutter free, organized and easily maintained.  I come home to so much less stress.  After a long day of work, nothing is more frustrating than coming home to a huge mess of a home to clean up.  Now I come home to a clean, calm, and relaxing environment.  It's hard to believe that the same home that used to bring me enormous amounts of stress and misery  no brings me enormous amounts of peace.  Most of all, my home sparks joy!

Kitchen Declutter and Organize Using the Konmari Method

Because of the konmari method, I wish to explore the idea of minimalist living.  Below is a video of my experience decluttering and organizing my kitchen.  In addition to this blog, I will be documenting my journey to minimalist living on my YouTube channel.  Subscribe to my channel to receive notification of my new videos!