My Breast Augmentation Experience : The Consultation

My breast augmentation experience starts with my consultation, although my desire for bigger boobs starts long before that. I have memories of being teased about my flat chest as a young girl. I was incredibly thin at a young age and had trouble putting on weight (not the case anymore), so it’s no surprise that achieving large breasts were out of the equation. As early as I can remember I have had protuding ribs on my left rib cage that has left me feeling insecure. It was so bad that my ribs stuck out further than my boobs on my profile.

Why I wanted breast implants: I Did this for me!

I love the look of large breasts on women. I have always thought they look so beautiful and feminine. Now that I have them I feel so complete! I know, it may sound vain. Before getting them many people would give me the “you look fine the way you are” speech. Both men and women told me not to do it, telling me that men would just want me for my big boobs. At the end of the day, I still wanted them, and wanted them bad. I didn’t care what men would want me for. I wasn’t doing this for them, I was doing it for me! The fact that I still desired breast implants so strongly after many people tried to talk me out of it confirmed that it was the right decision. I’m so glad I listened to my heart and not everyone else’s opinion!

I’m not writing this article to dis small breasts. Breasts are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. I used to love that my small breasts were so perky and had a nice shape to them. I just always wanted larger ones!

why I’m sharing my breast augmentation experience with you

My breast augmentation experience is a very personal thing, however, I feel it’s important that I share my experience with you. When I was going through my consultation process I found it very helpful to read and watch other girls share their experiences on blogs and vlogs. It’s always nice to have someone to relate to when you’re going through such a huge life change…no pun intended. Hearing women’s experiences and seeing them get answers to questions I had made the entire process from the breast consultation to the surgery, to recovery, so much easier! Because of this, I want to share my breast augmentation experience with you. It is my hope that sharing my experience with anyone that is considering a breast augmentation or is in the process of going through with it. I have gotten many direct messages on Instagram from women who have questions. If you have questions, do not hesitate to comment below or direct message me on Instagram @noexcusegirl , or email me at

Below is a video of my breast augmentation consultation. I chose Dr. Shim Ching at Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery in Honolulu, Hawaii for my surgeon. Here are a few links to where you can find him online:


Instagram: @shimchingmd

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