Ono Hawaiian Restaurants | Eating Keto at Choi's Garden Korean BBQ


Ono Hawaiian Restaurants | Eating Keto at Choi's Garden Korean BBQ

I am on a quest to find the most ono Hawaiian restaurants that fit my ketogenic diet and lifestyle.  "Ono" mean "delicious" in Hawaiian, and one of the most ono Hawaiian restaurants I'm obsessing over is the korean bbq restaurant, Choi's Garden.    I'm obsessing so much that I have visited Choi's Garden for the past three weekends in a row!  I would eat there every day if I wanted to live like a keto queen.  My taste buds say yes, but my wallet says no, so I'll settle for saving this treat for the weekends.

They recently renovated and I am really enjoying their clean, modern decor.  It really suits my newfound minimalist style and taste.

ono hawaiian choi's garden korean bbq


Eating Keto Korean BBQ :  What I ordered at Choi's Garden

Choi's Garden makes it easy for me to keep the food keto by offering a great selection of non-marinated meats.  When eating keto, in general, stick with non-marinated fatty cuts of meat and you can't go wrong.  This is why I love this diet so much.  I get to eat the most ono foods while being in the best shape of my life and having more energy than I did in my teens and twenties!  My choices included the ribeye steak and the pork belly (삼겹살).  They cook the meat in front of you on the grill attached to your table in true Korean bbq style.  This results in juicy, melt-in-your-mouth meat hot of the grill and straight into your tummy.  So ono!

ono hawaiian choi's garden korean bbq







      Accompanying this delicious meat are several side dishes of fermented vegetables such as kimchi (김치), cucumber kimchi (오이소박이), zucchini (호박) and many others.  Just be careful with the sauces on some of the side dishes to make sure there are no sugar or carbs that may kick you out of ketosis.  When in doubt, just take a tiny bite as a taste test or just ask the waitress.

ono hawaiian korean bbq

Full Day of Eating Keto

Below is my keto full day of eating video along with my meal at Choi's Garden.  I also include my Adidas haul after my visit to Waikele Premium Outlets.  My goal is to continue to document my journey along the way while sharing more ono Hawaiian restaurants that I find.  I look forward to eating my way through Oahu, keto style!