Super Gains Pack Female Box | March 2016


Hi everyone, I hope you had a Happy Easter!  I am so thrilled to share my Super Gains Pack Female Box for this month!  I am especially excited because this is the first month that Super Gains Pack is doing a male and female version of their box, and also the first month that they have partnered with DedFit Apparel.  This was the best Super Gains Pack I've received so far!  To get 10% off of your first Super Gains Pack, use my code NOEXCUSEGIRL10.  

Super Gains Pack Female Box


Super Gains Pack Female Box and New and Improved Boxes

I wrote about this in a previous post, but with the new updated Super Gains Pack, I will be receiving the female boxes.  Here is what you will get moving forward in both the male and female boxes:

•       A specially designed premium, high quality fitness apparel item that will change monthly (DedFit Apparel)

•       8-10 reputable name brand supplement samples

•       Shaker bottle cleansers (Whey Clean)

•       Gym accessory item or trial size supplement (5-10 servings)

•       Full size protein/nutrition bar

•       Full size gel or nutritional snack

•       Clean eating meal prep plan for a week with grocery list

•       High protein snack recipe with grocery list

•       Featured food fact of the month informational guide

•       New exercise recommendation for your home or gym

•       A Super Gains Pack vinyl sticker in your first box to share

•       A large SGP Logo shaker bottle with your first box

Super Gains Pack Female Box Favorites

Omg, I loved almost everything in this month's Super Gains Pack female box, but a couple of items really stood out to me.  Of course, the super cute tank top from Dedfit Apparel was my favorite.  I was just so excited to be receiving a tank top that I can workout in.  I normally buy my workout clothes on sale, as they can be so expensive.  To be able to get a workout tank on top of everything else in this box was amazing.  If you are wondering if it is worth the spend to order a Super Gains Pack, this tank alone makes it well worth it!

dedfit apparel tank


Another item that I was thrilled to get in the Super Gains Pack female box was the Bear Essentials For Her Multivitamin from Eat The Bear.  I take a multi-vitamin every day and happen to be almost out of mine, so I was really excited to get this in my Super Gains Pack!  Multivitamins are one of those supplements that definitely differ between male and female versions.  This is one great example of why it's great that Super Gains Pack decided to customize their boxes for men and women!   eat the bear bear essentials for her multivitamin  
















Super Gains Pack Female Box Unboxing

If you want to see all of the items that I received in my Super Gains Female Box, watch my YouTube video below.  If you like it, please support me by subscribing on my YouTube channel!